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"Some night, when the day passed... I remember thinking I was dreaming in the grass."

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Robbie Taylor

Robbie Taylor is a Northern Virginia based professional guitarist, pianist, vocalist and educator who graduated with honors from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA where he received his Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies. He majored in jazz guitar with minors in classical guitar, jazz piano, and classical piano. In addition to being an avid performer in the DC Metropolitan area, he composes for a variety of settings, most notably solo piano.


Robbie’s philosophy on teaching music is that even in the context of more simplified, popular styles of music, there is always something to be gained from studying them. Although Robbie’s personal passion is for complex music, it is through simplicity that students will learn the underlying concepts of music that are true throughout any genre. Understanding the theory of music, such as the chord progressions and solfege that underly music allows students to appreciate many genres and expand there scope and understanding.

Each lesson is tailored specifically to the individual students goals, ability, and musical interests and Robbie writes personalized arrangements of any piece of music requested by the student. Say you are an intermediate level piano student who would like a completely original, specific to you, arrangement of “Annie’s Song” by John Denver. No problem. You are beginning guitar and you want to learn The Black Keys “Howlin’ for You”? Done. Ultimately everyone’s brain releases a similar sensation when they hear music that moves them, whether that is through a Beethoven Sonata, a Journey power rock anthem, or Taylor Swifts “Shake it Off”. Robbie’s goal, especially with children, is to hardwire a connection in the brain between the hard work that goes into learning music and the insurmountable benefits that stem from it.


When Robbie was 14 years old, he received his first guitar for Christmas and never looked back. In his formative years, Robbie was heavily influenced by metal, most notably the riffs and songwriting style of Metallica. As his maturity grew, he expanded into more progressive avenues, particularly that of odd meters. His true passion remains for the hyper intricate, highly technical, heavily composed music, though you will find him playing traditional music just as well because that's what Robbie is known for; his keen ability to play the gamut of musical genres.

While attending Shenandoah University, Robbie found another calling in the piano. Influenced by the works of Bartok, Debussy, and Philip Glass, Robbie's piano music is most often described as "video game" sounding in its expressive nature. It is set in the classical tradition, but also shows much of his progressive rock influence. In addition to his solo piano music, Robbie writes avidly for solo guitar, rock bands, and voice.

Robbie now runs his own teaching studio based in Northern Virginia and performs frequently in the DC Metropolitan Area.




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